Denzile Reddiar

Denzile Reddiar has been involved in the Corporate Sector of South African Business for over 10 years from Project Engineering to Director of Corporate Affairs at a fairly young age, he has also been a student of personal development and the Life Coaching process for years. He has enjoyed a successful academic career with a Bachelor of Commerce from the prestigious Oxford Brookes University and nineteen other qualifications under his belt, including Intellectual Property Law, Local and Provincial Government Law and Voice Training. He is a registered member of the Voice and Speech Therapists Association (USA). He is an accredited member of the Compliance Institute of South Africa (CISA) and A proud Member of the Ethics Association of South Africa, He is a certified member of the International Risk and Compliance Professionals Association (IRCP) (Washington)(USA). Having an exciting corporate career and living in harmony with his own inner values, and to help others achieve the success and happiness that we all deserve. Denzile Reddiar’s core belief is that we all can only contribute the most to our family, our community and our planet when we are doing what we love and living a happy and personally fulfilling life. It is easy when you remove obstacles, release worry and fear, change limiting beliefs, discover your deepest values and develop an inspiring vision for your life.

[learn_more caption=”More”] The owner of Voice Dynamix and its Trademark, Denzile has helped many people discover the power of their own voices, develop their ability to speak at any occasion, think on their feet and have maximum impact in their community and the lives of others. Using Techniques ranging from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Emotional Freedom Techniques and Hypnotherapy, Denzile’s aspiration is that each person lives their most authentic life with .Life by Design ,rather than chance! This powerful sought after High-Impact Empowerment Coach, Mentor and Speaker has the ability, knowledge, and experience to move you from where you are to where you need to be, with tools that relevant, effective and has maximum impact .[/learn_more]

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