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  • Leadership Development

    What todays volatile economies of the world need are less managers and more leaders. Leaders that have the ability to handle change are responsive to changing trends and have the foresight to recognize and harness talent from which will emanate the creativity and acumen to survive in any crisis. Leaders who are able to know when to use aspirational leadership or directives. Leadership is not about how much you know, you can pay for knowledge but you can never buy commitment or loyalty. Become a Leader of Hope and Vision, Inspiration and Aspiration, and Lead to leave a legacy that will outlive you.


  • Branding Yourself

In a world with a population of over 8 billion people there isn’t a single individual that is like you. You are unique in every way, with skills, talents, abilities that  have been encoded into the very genome of your DNA. You only have to package and sell it to live the life of your dreams.

This is the only Brand in the world that you are a specialist at. No one knows your Brand as well as you do. You can empower, equip, enable and modify your Brand to become the best in its field.  Your are the CEO of  your Brand, The Chairman of your Brand and the Most important shareholder of your Brand.


What do people associate your name with? Do people know your purpose, vision, mandate and values? How can you offer the best to those you love and attract the things you desire most if you don’t know why you deserve to have it.


  • Voice Dynamix®Speech science is divided into speech production and speech perception, the natural bridges to voice science or hearing science when speech sounds are produced. Voice Dynamix trains individuals to become vocologists.


The primary objectives of a vocologists is to find the ideal voice for an individual’s needs, given a specific anatomy, personality, occupation or activity. Because vocal habits are developed by some extent by mimicking the vocalizations of others during childhood (accent, modulation etc), there is no guarantee that a physiologically ideal voice is spontaneously acquired by everyone.


In the Voice Dynamix® Course you will learn to :


Access a client’s voice

Address the client’s needs through :-

Vocal coaching exercises

Accent Neutralization




Intercostal Diaphragmatic Breathing and other skills that helps you help others optimize their speech


  • Power Speaking for Executives / Presentation Skills and Individual Voice Training for staff

Do people often ask you to repeat yourself? Do you ever wonder if people are paying attention when you speak? Do you cringe at the thought of speaking in front of a large group of people?

Does the thought of speaking in front of a group of people give you anxiety? Do people describe you as shy? Or too loud? Can you communicate your thoughts and ideas with ease , especially an impromptu speech?


If you answered yes to any of the above this workshop is designed especially for you. As an executive you are the voice of your people, the leader, and although you might have skill, your greatest works might go unnoticed because you failed to speak up. The fear of public speaking is called Glossiphobia or speech anxiety.


Imagine yourself being able to turn this around and become a bold, confident , charismatic and clear speaker, that when you speak people begin to immediately relate to you. Using your voice to take people on journeys, using your voice as the tool to guide them through your ideas, concepts and strategies and leaving them with a sound impression that they never will forget.


This is possible and we can do it for you!

  • Driving Destiny : Live Your Best Life Yet

In order to change our lives we often have to change our perceptions and self-limiting beliefs. In order for us to embrace excellence we must let go of good. Good just isn’t good enough anymore.  Life was meant to be lived, and lived abundantly.

You are never too young or too old to make the best decisions for your life. There are strategies to success, affluence, influence, prosperity and good character. You can be everything you ever wanted to be if you knew the “how?”.

Success leaves trails and common characteristics but if you don’t know how to execute them then they are of no use to you. You have to learn how to follow through, how to leverage your strengths and sharpen your weakness. You want to live and be proud and make those who know proud of your association. To return one day to your creator having used all the skill, talent, abilities and beauty with which you were given, and having not regretting how much more you , should have, could have and would have done. Driving Destiny is a series of teachings that take you from understanding you as you are, as you want to be and bridging that gap so you may live your best life yet and live it now.

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